Women Leaders: We Need You!

March 4, 2013 — Leave A Comment

jenni-catronI’m excited to welcome back Jenni Catron to the blog this week! Jenni serves as the Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN, where she leads the staff and oversees the ministry of five campuses. She loves a fabulous cup of tea, great books, learning the game of tennis and hanging out with her husband and border collie. Jenni’s passion is to lead well and to inspire, equip and encourage others to do the same. Jenni blogs at www.jennicatron.tv.  Her new book, Just Lead! A No Whining, No Complaining, No Nonsense Practical Guide for Women Leaders in the Church, co-authored with Sherry Surratt is available now.

Leaders make life better. They believe and develop. They identify giftedness and call it out. Leaders leave the world and others better as a result of their presence, and they influence those they love.

Sometimes the word leadership is scary. That seems to be especially true for women. Maybe it’s because of the gross feelings of inadequacy and insecurity we tend to wrestle with. Perhaps it’s because society, culture, and the church have been slow to endow us with this title. But for whatever reason, a lot of us run away from it. This makes me angry for you, one of our world’s best leaders. It makes me angry for all of us: the world that needs you to come out of the shadows and be the leader you were created to be.

That is a segment from the book I had the privilege of co-writing with Sherry Surratt. Sherry and I wholeheartedly believe in developing the leadership gifts of women. We are passionate about seeing women thrive in their sphere of influence and we are eager to share what we’ve learned in hopes that it will save others some of the bumps and bruises we’ve earned along the way.

Leadership is messy. It’s complicated but we’ve also experienced some of our greatest joys from it. We want other leaders to experience those joys too. We’ve heard far too many women tell us that they weren’t sure if they were cut out to lead. We believe they are.

Just Lead! is the conversation we would have over a cup of tea or coffee with another woman leader. Our hope is that it will provide practical help for women to develop the skills to lead themselves and others with the character, confidence, and authenticity of a godly woman. Each chapter addresses a different hurdle that we’ve encountered as women leaders, from the question marks that accompany loneliness, fear and insecurity, to the challenges that criticism, pride and indecision pose. We share personal stories as well as weave in stories from other amazing women leaders. Our prayer is for this book to be a source of encouragement and hope when women leaders find themselves in challenging moments of leadership. We hope that they will be inspired to just lead!

As Sherry and I partner together in the coming months to spread this message and inspire more women everywhere in the Church to step up and lead, we invite you to join us! You can get your copy of the book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. And connect with us! Follow me on Twitter at @JenniCatron, and Sherry at @SherrySurratt. Visit Sherry’s blog and mine as well, and join the conversation there, as well as on Twitter (hashtag #justlead).

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