What If? (an exercise in possibility)

August 26, 2010 — Leave A Comment

What if you could simply feel what you are feeling…without apology or shame or fear that it would ruin you? What if you actually let yourself know your deep desire, and knew that desiring it was not a thing to be feared? What if you remembered what joy is like, and dropped every story you were living that did not allow for it to be? What if you stopped trying to be somebody, and simply were yourself? What if real success actually had absolutely nothing to do with looking fabulous or being strong or sounding like you know what’s going on?

What if you really did cease all striving–what then?

What if you were already beautiful and strong and courageous and true–and this was something you no longer needed to prove? What if there really was no fear in love? What if the struggle is not against yourself but the false story you’ve been living?

What if you were free–what then?

What if you were just one choice away from unleashing your deep true soul…what would that choice be? What if pain is not the enemy of joy, but its lover? What if “comfortable” really means asleep? What if life is more richly experienced through surrender than through victory?

What if you dropped all pretense–all of it–who would you be then?

What if your deepest heart’s desire had it right all along? What if you were no longer concerned what other people think? What if the deeper magic of who you are and what you’re here to do had been held safe in the grip of God’s powerful hand all this time, simply waiting for you to ask Him to unfold it? What if you risked it all, and believed?

What’s the “What if…?” you’ve been pondering lately? Add it below.

Michael Warden

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