The Elephant in the Church Nobody is Talking About

April 27, 2015 — Leave A Comment


“Being well-taught is not the same thing as being transformed.” ~ Ruth Haley Barton

When the world looks at the Church, and maybe particularly at the leaders of the Church, you know what they’re asking themselves?

Certainly they’re asking about what we believe or who is Jesus and all that. But what they’re really asking underneath it all is this:

Do I want to be like you? Do I want the life you have?

And frankly for most of the Church there isn’t much about who they are or the life they have that’s very appealing to people.

That’s the elephant in the room for Christianity today.

Michael Warden

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2 responses to The Elephant in the Church Nobody is Talking About

  1. So Michael, what’s missing? You and I have had this conversation. For me, as a woman in many parts of Christanity there is an unequal view of men and women. But it’s more than that. It’s the judgement of gays in some conservative denominations, and the way some stand on religion as a way to be above others. I am a follower in the one who said we must only love God and each other. That I can do…everything else seems made up. Respectfully, Deb

    • Well said, Deb. Those are great examples of the kinds of behaviors and lifestyles that turn so many off to Christian faith. Of course, no major world religion is monolithic in its beliefs or behaviors. There are many different flavors of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. Isn’t it curious, though, how so often it’s those with the most extreme or hateful interpretations of faith that are also the most loud and demanding? Not all devoted Christ followers hate gays & lesbians or try to suppress women. But there’s no denying that many who identify as Christian do both of those things, and do them loudly.

      I actually love what you say here: “I am a follower in the one who said we must only love God and each other.” I think that’s the essence of what being a Christ follower means. In fact, when Christianity began, it wasn’t even called “Christianity.” It was called “the Way,” and those who followed Jesus’ teachings were often called the “people of the Way,” because their faith was about a way of living, one that embodied Jesus’ core teaching to (as you say) love God, and love others. As a Christ follower, that’s what I’m committed to.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Deb.

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