Stop Doubting and Get to Work

January 16, 2017 — Leave A Comment

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” ~ Henry Ford

You have Agency.

Agency is the power to take action, and through that action have impact. Agency is not about having absolute control (you don’t); neither is it about praying hard and “trusting God” to do all the acting for you. Rather, it is the recognition that real change comes via an active partnership of faith and action forged between you and God.

This faith-fueled action is the opposite of victimhood ~ that is, the despairing belief that nothing you do matters, or will matter, that you are essentially destined to lose. This is the most tragic form of faithless fatalism: The vapid conviction that nothing you do will ultimately make any difference.

It’s not all up to you; but neither are you impotent. You have a critical role to play in your own victory.

Faith is hard. The work of it is hard. The immense discomfort of some actions you must take, and continue taking every day because of your faith, is very hard.

Okay. Noted.

Do you still want to win?

You can change things.

What you do matters.

Have Faith.

Pursue Partnership with God.

And get to work.

Michael Warden

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