Life Beyond the Comfort Zone

February 25, 2012 — Leave A Comment

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Everything that you desire for your life that you don’t currently have lies outside your comfort zone. At first glance this may seem obvious, but the implications are profound. Everything you want to reach for–every goal or dream–everything you want to change or long to become, all of it lies beyond the borders of what you have known or find comfortable.

All growth, all change, depends on discomfort. All significant change depends on significant discomfort, which we call pain. Fear, discomfort, pain, the pounding heart and sweaty palms, the pit stains and that nearly overwhelming urge to run away–that is the normal environment for growth. This “risk zone” has been called by many names: The Wilderness…The Uncharted Wilds…Off the Map, where Dragons Live…The Desert Waste.

It’s no wonder God called His people into deserts so often. He knows that’s where transformation happens.

Want to grow? Want something to change? Want to be the whole person God is calling you forth to become? Then this is what you must do:

Stop resisting discomfort.

Stop running from your fear.

Instead, use it as a compass to tell you where to go next. Move toward what scares you and stay there ’till it doesn’t.

“Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” ~ Genesis 12:1

God’s very first act with Abraham was to call him out of his comfort zone. And I’ll bet He’s calling you to do the same. When I read that verse, I hear it like this: Leave the place of your father and mother, the familiar places and lands you have known, and go out from there into the wild lands, the uncharted spaces, to a place I will show you. Go toward the place of your unknowing, where you have no map and nothing is certain but your full commitment, and open your heart there to all that unfolds. Feel everything. Hold nothing back. Know Me there. And discover who you were made to be.

So lift up your heart now
to this unfolding.
All that has been broken
will be restored.
Here runs deep waters
for all who are thirsty.
‘Cause Love has come,
Love has come for you.
~ from “Ten Thousand Angels” by Caedmon’s Call

We tend to think that when Love comes it is always gentle and meek. But Love also comes to call you forth and dare you to live. And that is a very dangerous love indeed.

Where are you being called to step into discomfort or even pain for the sake of your growth?

Michael Warden

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