Fearlessly Expressing Your Beauty to a Broken World

September 5, 2012 — Leave A Comment

I’m excited to have fellow coach Sarah Sherwood guest posting on the blog this week. Sarah a Certified Life Coach through the Institute for Life Coach Training, with specialized certifications in Wellness Coaching and Body-Mind Life Coaching™, and is certified to use the Wellness Inventory.  She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and is in training toward the designation of Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner; a body-centered psychotherapy. Sarah works with her wide range of voice and expertise much like a conductor. Passionate and insightful, she is able to draw on the various skills and gifts within her tool kit with wisdom and precision, helping her clients increase joy, creativity, and vitality in their work, relationships, and activities by supporting the cultivation of a larger container to hold their experience of life.  You can learn more about her life and work at www.integratetolive.com.

I co-facilitate a retreat called The Destiny Project and we joke that it’s “the women’s retreat for women who don’t do women’s retreats”. There’s no recipe exchange. No cross-stitching, calorie counting or scrapbooking. No cheesy ice-breakers, bake-offs, scripture memory contests or home decorating idea swapping. There’s absolutely no “should-ing”, we are intolerant of shaming, and there’s definitely no talk about how to be a good, tame Christian woman.

It is, however, a unique and powerful opportunity, for women to open up, let go and unearth the deepest desires in their heart. The unsafe ones. The ones that might ruffle feathers and turn their worlds upside down. The ones that when found are attached to a voice that calls for a response, and the response is always something like, “I’m ALIVE!” or “I’m LOVED!” The ones that when lived out from this place of acceptance bring inner transformation and outer impact on the world.

What’s so unsettling about this process is coming face to face, not with all the things you need to change or fix about yourself, but with your glory, your beauty, your worthiness.

The Destiny Project is unleashing women who are living loved; knowing their unique God-inspired identity and fearlessly expressing their beauty to a broken world. These women are courageously daring to ask, “What if I do have a purpose? What if it matters that I fulfill it? And what if all I have to do to move toward it is take my next step?” The Destiny Project helps you, very practically, answer these questions. The combination of heart, action and a sense of belonging is what sets The Destiny Project apart from other “how-to” programs to discover your purpose. It brings life-changing results every time.

Join us September 13th-16th in Hunt, TX for the next Destiny Project. Check out this video (below) to learn more. And contact me to have a conversation to explore if this is the right next step for you in your journey.

Destiny Project from Keith Rutledge on Vimeo.

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And register here.

Michael Warden

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