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Michael is an engaging and challenging speaker and trainer on topics related to leadership development, coaching and whole life transformation. For more information and to invite Michael to speak, drop us a line via the Contact Page. Here are a few of the retreats, seminars and training workshops that Michael offers:

The Coaching Leader: 7 Simple Skills that Can Transform Your Leadership

Based on the transformational coaching skills explored in depth in the Coaching Leader training course, this experiential retreat/in-house training introduces leaders to a series of powerful, easy-to-learn coaching skills that will help them partner with God in the midst of everyday interactions in a way that inspires authentic teamwork, personal transformation and leadership in those they serve. (adaptable 1 to 2 days)


Leadership that Changes the World

Stage 5 Teams change the world. And it takes a Stage 5 Leader to lead one. Based on a fusion of rich research on the 5 Stages of a Tribe from the authors of Tribal Leadership combined with the 5 Stages of Adult Development woven into The Leadership Circle Assessment, this retreat helps leaders understand and apply both of these powerful tools in their own leadership environment. Using the Leadership Circle 360 Assessment, they’ll evaluate where they are in their own leadership development journey, identify the current developmental stage of their leadership team or organizational culture, and identify what it will take for them to become authentic Stage 5 leaders. (2 full days)


Leading Wide Awake: Retreat for Leaders


Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” ~ Proverbs 4:23

The proper care of your heart is essential to leadership. It’s not selfish to do this. Rather, it’s strategic. Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint. To run the long race set before you, to keep pace with God’s Spirit in every step and in the end to finish well, you need a long-distance runner’s strategic sensibilities, especially when it comes to the care and fueling of your heart.

But what does that mean practically? What does the proper care of the heart look like in the context of a busy leader’s life? In this retreat, leaders will both explore and experience a handful of personal “best practices” that are essential to the life and health of your heart. Based on the ebook Leading Wide Awake: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Faith Leaders (2 full days)

The Edge Workshop

What’s really holding you back from accomplishing your vision? What hijacks your passion and makes you play small? What’s the Goliath in your life and leadership you’ve yet to slay? Combining powerful training on Edgework with elements of coaching and listening prayer, this experiential workshop gives leaders the tools to break through longstanding struggles in their leadership and life so they can step up to the full measure of impact and influence they are called to have in the world. (2 hours)


Inside Team: A Simple Process for Solving Big Problems

For leaders, making decisions is foundational to the job. Every day we’re faced with new challenges, and every day we have to decide what to do about them. But what do you do when the way forward is unclear? How do you discern which path you will follow? Regardless how big or complex the issue might be, the Inside Team is a simple but profound tool to help leaders navigate through the maze of competing voices to find the best path forward from here. This experiential workshop explains the Inside Team tool and trains leaders in how to use it. (adaptable 1 to 2 hours)


Click here to watch a sample video of Michael speaking.


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