An Election Day Meditation

November 8, 2016 — Leave A Comment


America will be voting today. And for many of us, the voting will be hard. It’s been a difficult path to get us here. We’ve all been a little beat up by it. So I thought I’d offer a little healing balm for our souls, especially for today.

I call it “Remember Love.”

It’s simple. Start the music. Then read the meditation below. Slow down. Take your time. I suggest you read it aloud.


Do it now.

Breathe in deep…

There, you see? You are still alive.

Your tender heart – vulnerable, warm, resilient, mighty – beats vibrantly.

Where such glory of life persists, Love remains.

And so also does hope.

Love is greater. You know this.

Greater than hate.

Greater than fear.

Greater than greed

or deception

or arrogance

or ignorance.

Love is greater than armies

or governments

or despots

or any form of plot conceived in the dark.

Love overcomes them all.

There is no defense against it.

Therefore, set your heart on this:

Now you must love.

Love your neighbor.

Love your enemy.

Pray for those who persecute you,

And so be a true child of God.

This will not be our end.

This is but a single page in the Great Story.

A paragraph.

A word.

Love will write the final chapter.

So take heart, valiant one.

Take courage.

Let Love write through you now…


Michael Warden

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