Leading Wide Awake (eBook)



A Spiritual Survival Guide for Faith Leaders

“If your leadership is not Life-giving to you or those closest to you, then you must ask, am I leading toward God’s Kingdom? Having personally benefited from Michael’s coaching, I highly recommend trying these 12 practices. Not because they will help you ‘lead better’ or ‘lead bigger,’ but because you’ll lead yourself and others into Life.” ~ John Burke, Lead Pastor Gateway Church, author No Perfect People Allowed

Jesus said that those who follow him would be like springs of living water, welling up and overflowing with eternal life on all those around them. But what if that’s not what it’s like for you? Most leaders I know are not like springs. They’re more like desert wadis ~ winding, dusty channels cut through the sunbaked earth. Much of the time they feel dry as old bones. But on those rare occasions when the rains do fall, they quickly flood…and just as quickly rush to empty themselves out again, pouring every ounce they have into the parched lives of those they serve.

Through my coaching work with pastors, managers, presidents, worship leaders, and CEOs over the past 10 years, I’ve discovered there really is a better path available to faith leaders ~ a better way of leading ~ one that’s not only far more life-giving for them personally, but also makes them far more powerful and effective as leaders because it keeps them in intimate connection with Christ as the living and active Head of the Church.

I call it Leading Wide Awake.

In this short ebook, I share the core principles that define Wide Awake Leadership, and provide a portfolio of 12 essential strategic practices leaders must implement in their lives to authentically lead Wide Awake. These practices apply to faith leaders in any context ~ whether they are pastors, artists, managers, CEOs, or leaders in public office.

These strategies are simple, practical, and proven, but that doesn’t mean they’ll all be easy to do. Some will require you to take a risk. A few may even require all of your courage and faith to implement. But if you are willing, I’m convinced you will find as many other leaders and I have: a whole new kind of life and leadership awaits you.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” ~ John 15:5

DOWNLOAD NOW! Available in ePub and PDF formats. Just $4.95! (Kindle version also available via Amazon for an additional $2.)

Want a more personalized experience of Leading Wide Awake? Join Michael and your fellow faith leaders in the next Wide Awake Leader Circle. Learn More


“In my ministry I deal with dozens of leaders every year who are one step from losing everything and a few who have. Protecting our heart is the single greatest key to long term success in ministry and leadership. Michael writes for inspiration and action. Get this ebook now and put these principles into practice.” ~ Ron Edmondson, Lead Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church

“Leading Wide Awake is an essential reminder of the practices leaders need to employ to stay healthy and lead well. Michael speaks with confidence, wisdom and passion that is compelling. A great resource!” ~ Jenni Catron, Executive Director, Cross Point Church, and Author, Just Lead! and Clout

“While other books address surface issues that may give temporary change, Leading Wide Awake goes right for the heart where there can be lasting change. I really believe if you apply the principles Michael shares, you will not only be a better leader, but you will experience a greater joy in serving God.” ~ Tim McDermott, President/General Manager, KSBJ Radio

“In Leading Wide Awake, leadership coach Michael Warden gently guides worn-out ministry leaders back to their first love: Jesus. With 12 practical ways to re-awaken your life to Christ’s leading, this short yet insightful book offers a much-needed oasis to parched church leaders.” ~ Blake Atwood, Church Leadership Editor at FaithVillage.com

“How do we keep offering the world a supernatural way of life we’ve lost connection with ourselves? Great question. And one too few of us are brave enough to ask. Michael does ask, and he provides answers full of insight, inspiration, and a swift kick where we need it most. Now this is a leadership book.” ~ Amy Simpson, Editor, Christianity Today’s GiftedforLeadership.com, and Author, Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission

“In a world where we as leaders are too often driven by performance, Michael calls us back into the embrace of Christ from which authentic leadership flows. Leading Wide Awake is full of fresh insights and practices that will help any leader recalibrate their spiritual life and fine tune their vision and purpose.” ~ Bob Hudson, Founder, The Cross Ministry Group, Men at the Cross/Women at the Cross

“Leading Wide Awake captures the essence of what many faith leaders are struggling with today. Michael Warden offers 12 core practices that promise to guide you to what your soul is craving and raise your leadership influence to new heights. Leading Wide Awake is a clarion call to faith leaders desiring to intimately partner with God and expand their Kingdom impact.” ~ Angela Bisignano, PhD, Life and Leadership Consultant, and Author, Beautifully Gifted: Equipping Today’s Women for the High Calling of God

“This book just may change your life, and how you go about ministry. Most, if not all, of us in Christian leadership roles know the feeling of walking deeply with others, only to discover we ourselves are living on very shallow spiritual reserves. Michael Warden points out ‘a specific kind of blindness’ that falls on us when we suppose we can effectively lead others without being intimately connected with the Lord ourselves. In Leading Wide Awake, with clear, straightforward language, Michael lays out a series of simple yet profound life practices for those of us in spiritual leadership roles. I’m certain they will make a difference for those who follow therm. They just may change your life.” ~ Craig Glass, Founder and President, Peregrine Ministries International

DOWNLOAD NOW! Available in ePub and PDF formats. Just $4.95! (Kindle version also available via Amazon for an additional $2.)

Want a more personalized experience of Leading Wide Awake? Join Michael and your fellow faith leaders in the next Wide Awake Leader Circle. Learn More

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