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The time I spent working with Michael helped me gain new insight on how to creatively solve the challenges I was facing. He helped me understand better how I see myself, how others see me, and how use my strengths to be more effective as a leader. Our time together forced me to push pause on my crazy pace and think strategically how to lead forward, rather than be reactive to challenges. So glad I had this opportunity. I’m a much better leader today because of the investment Michael made in me.

~ Charles Dishinger, Executive Pastor, Gateway Church in Austin

Michael knows how to extract the best from people. Through a blend of introspective and challenges questions and experiences, he helped me gain personal and ministry momentum. What I hoped to happen was exceeded by what has actually happened within me and in my ministry setting.

~ Eric Bryant, South Campus Pastor, Gateway Church in Austin

If you need a coach, Michael is the man to call. His coaching has benefited me in innumerable ways. He is an expert in his field, and I feel fortunate to have had him work with me. I HIGHLY recommend Michael and the Ascent Coaching Group without reservation.

~ Tim Pynes, Church Leadership Consultant and Spiritual Director, Colorado

If you are on a personal journey to realize your maximum potential and become the complete person you were created to be there are two ways to do it, experience and Michael Warden. I have tried both. I highly recommend the latter path. Leadership guru, communication ninja, and daily living sage are just a few of the finely tuned skills he will draw upon to guide you towards success on this quest we call life.

~ Chris Farnsworth, Director of Special Events, KSBJ Radio, Houston

Michael is a superb coach. He has the ability to see deeply and clearly into others with kindness, compassion, and gentleness. People feel safe with Michael, so they can open up and work on their issues in courageous and effective ways. He is a true leader – generous, hard working, funny, inspirational, willing to be vulnerable, a deep sense of integrity. You can’t go wrong with Michael.

~ Nicki Weiss, CPCC, PCC

Michael is a breathtaking coach. To say that I recommend him is an understatement…I recommend him frequently and passionately. While I was delighted to be one of his trainers at CTI, Michael came in the door with an expanse of heart and wisdom that few coaches ever get to. His profound ability to listen well opens the door for his clients to be more intimate and honest with themselves, perhaps than they have ever been. I should know, he has coached me several times. I’m blessed to have Michael in my life as a friend, colleague and co-creator of The Coaches Studio and The Inside Team.

~ Cynthia Loy Darst, CPCC, MCC

Having worked with a coach before, I had some pre-conceptions on what this relationship would bring. I figured there’d be some evaluation, some work, and hopefully ~ some growth. I’m happy to report that my relationship with Michael has turned into so much more than I had hoped for. His insight and clear communication style, has helped me to explore and target great growth potential in my leadership style. It’s working, because he knows how to help me make it work. Thanks Michael!

~ Jon Hull, Senior Director of Outreach, KSBJ Radio, Houston

Michael is a highly intuitive coach who relies on the Holy Spirit to guide his work. His coaching is with integrity and results in powerful outcomes as he partners with you to hold you accountable to your heart’s deepest desires.”

~ Shannon Bruce, CPCC, PCC, Washington

Intuitive. Perceptive. Supportive. Encouraging. All attributes that only begin to describe Michael’s coaching. In the midst of a roller coaster year, Michael always showed up at every one of our coaching sessions in exactly the right way for me on that particular day. To say he is a great coach is an understatement.

~ Cindy Kraft, Florida

Michael has helped me see the things that I truly value in life, and he has helped me stay true to living out what I value. I have been able to move past obstacles in my life that have hindered me in truly living the life that I would like to live. Michael definitely asks questions that shoot straight to your heart.

~ Tom Rand, Tennessee

For years, I felt trapped by circumstances and perceived reality in a small, ultimately unfulfilling life. My heart was silenced, my dreams put on hold. Now, for the first time ever, I have a clear, inspiring vision of who I was created to be and the big life God is calling me to live. Coaching with Michael has been pivotal in gaining that clarity. His deep insights and masterful coaching have helped me understand truths about myself, eliminate obstacles that were holding me back, set my heart free to dream again, and take action to begin living the dreams.

~ Laura Scheible, Illinois

Michael is thoughtful and insightful in his coaching. He has a way of being direct and honest with you that proves to be so helpful, but not painful. When you work with him, he is fully engaged and he makes the process fun.

~ Tamara Brubaker, KSBJ Radio, Houston

“I have never had a coach before so this was a new experience for me. I really didn’t know if the cost and time would be worth it. After being coached by Mike my only regret is that I didn’t have a coach sooner. Not only has Mike helped me as a leader but he has also come to our station and created an alignment and unity of our leadership team for our core values. He has so many tools and experience that have helped us grow. I look forward to my coaching sessions Mike as together we can work confidentially through the challenges I face. I am better prepared now and my team has told me that I am a more effective leader. As a results we have a better place to work and we are getting more things done.”

~ Tim McDermott, President, KSBJ Radio

“Michael’s disarming nature, his keen sense of the dynamic playing out between us and his intuitive blurts, allowed us to articulate things had been hard for us to say with one another on our own.  In doing so, we had a number of courageous breakthroughs in our business partnership. We have definitely taken the partnership up a few notches.”

~ Joanne McLean, President, Soulzatwork

Team Coaching

Note: Michael never does team coaching alone. He enjoys rich partnerships with several outstanding coaches across the country and regularly collaborates with them to bring the best possible coaching experience to his clients. You’ll find their names mentioned here too.

Michael and Kristina brought not only what we asked for but they facilitated in a way that allowed everyone to be heard and valued. Great process and great results! I’m sure we’ll be calling them again.

~ Paige Olson, HR Director, KSBJ Radio

Very impressed with the way Michael and Kristina led our group. Expectations were defined and met. They adapted well to our culture and helped us reach our goal.

~ Tim McDermott, General Manager, KSBJ Radio

Ascent Coaching Group showed our leadership team new ways to communicate and find ways to align our goals and hearts and always put God first in all we do.

~ Kathy McClanahan, KSBJ Radio

An amazing experience that brought out positive change in our company!

~ Carlos Aguira

They took a herd of people (like cats!) and got them to stay on task, on target, and to make it to the goal. Miraculous!

~ Susan O’Donnell

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