What I Offer…


Through one-on-one coaching, team coaching, workshops, classes, retreats and other resources, I help leaders maximize their impact by redesigning their lives around who they really are, what they really value, and the core mission they most want to fulfill in this world. The goal of our partnership is nothing less than your unleashing ~ the full, unfettered realization of the rich, meaningful life you were created to live. Here’s a brief synopsis of the coaching services I offer. Contact me anytime for more information about any of the following:

“Design Discovery” Leader Assessment


What brings you life? What environments or practices connect you to your passion and unleash your soul? What must be present in your life for you to have the impact you believe you could? This one-time session will reveal the answer.

For most leaders, life is a series of reactions. The things they do to fill their days ~ from morning to bed ~ too often have more to do with what’s expected of them than what truly powers their soul. Their lives become a patchwork of other people’s desires, job demands and cultural expectations. They are so busy reacting to all that’s coming at them that they never take the time to consider what kind of life God actually designed them to live, or believe that they have the capacity to create it. But they do. And when they do, authentic God-powered Life begins to flow out from them into everything and everyone they touch.

You want to stop reacting and start creating? Start with this…

Format: 2-hour session, by phone or in person
Cost: $325
More Info: Contact Me


PathDiscovery Journey


You were made for a Big Life. Deep inside, you know this ~ or at the very least, you suspect it. There’s a Big Desire in your heart, placed there by God Himself. It manifests itself most often as a persistent yearning for something more out of life. A desire to do something more. A desire to be something more. You know, deep down, that there’s more to you that hungers to be unleashed, and more to life than what you’ve known so far…

The PathDiscovery Journey is a 3-month, 6-session coaching process to help leaders explore four foundational questions ~ Who are you now? What do you want? Why are you here? Where are you going? ~ and design a path forward that’s built around the answers. Using a mosaic of proven coaching tools and exercises, these one-on-one sessions will help you more deeply understand your unique identity, your core values, and the overarching life mission you were created to fulfill in the world and provide you with a meaningful, life-giving filter for future decision-making in every arena of life. It’s time to rediscover and reclaim your passion.

Format: by phone or in person
Cost: $1275 (payable in 3 month installments of $425 each)
More Info: Download this packet


The Leadership Circle Program


Take your leadership development to a whole new level…for both your mind and your soul

The Leadership Circle Program is a 4-month, 8-session one-on-one coaching journey for leaders that utilizes The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) a true breakthrough among 360 assessment tools and combines it with 8 one-on-one coaching sessions specifically targeting the profile results to produce authentic change and growth in your development as a leader.

TLCP is the only leadership assessment tool that measures the two primary leadership domains Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies and integrates the information so that you can instantly see the relationship between how you lead and the underlying, hidden assumptions that drive your behavior. As a result, TLCP not only measures what’s working in your leadership and what’s not, but also tells you why your weak points keep showing up the way they do, and how you can change them for good.

Format: by phone or in person
Cost: $2000 (payable in 4 monthly installments of $500 each)
More Info: Download this packet


The Team Culture Assessment


Get a powerfully insightful read of the underlying culture that drives your team using this simple process

The Team Culture Survey is a 2-step group process that utilizes The Leadership Circle Culture Survey tool. The Culture Survey is a 360-style assessment that measures how your team culture compares to other organizations, and highlights the gap between your current culture and your desired one. It will not only identify underlying assumptions that undermine your team’s effectiveness, but provides a compelling rationale for change by pointing to the shared desires and hopes for change and growth that your team holds in common. This affordable, internet-based, user-friendly process provides downloadable results that your team can unpack and apply in a single day. Great for use as part of a leadership team retreat or onsite training.

Format: In Person (Survey administered via internet)
Cost: $3500 (For teams or groups of 10 or fewer. Rates for larger teams are available upon request.)
More Info: Download this packet


Team Coaching


“Because culture eats strategy for lunch…”

In addition to the Team Culture Survey and The Leadership Circle Program, I also partner with leaders to design customized team coaching for specific needs within your organization. From one- to five-day intensives with individual teams to comprehensive two-year programs targeting long-term culture change for the entire organization, I help leaders find the best and most efficient path forward for them and their team. Specifically, my team coaching work focuses on these areas:

  • Resolving Team Conflict & Negative Team Dynamics
  • Forging Positive Team Bonds & Authentic Partnership
  • Defining and Aligning around Core Values
  • Shared Ownership of the Mission & Vision
  • Creating a Stage 4 Leadership Tribe
  • Organizational Culture Change

Format: In Person
Cost: Varies depending on the project
More Info: Contact Michael for a free consultation


Personalized Coaching with Michael

For those who want ongoing coaching support following one of our programs or courses, or simply want to work with me from the start to plot their own unique course forward, I offer ongoing coaching on a month-to-month basis. Contact me to request a free sample coaching session where we can explore your dreams together.

Format: Two 45-minute sessions per month (by phone or in person)
Cost: $450/month (ask about our discount program)
More Info: Download this packet
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