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Some know me as a trainer and coach for leaders and their teams, others know me as a published author, including two fantasy books (working on the third, I promise!), and still others know me as an adventurer, a devoted friend, a scifi nerd, and an abuse survivor. However you found me, I’m glad you’re here.


A Little About Me…

I’m a native Texan, but live now in the mountains of Colorado. That’s a shot of the mountains around my home in the photo above. I moved here in 2014, and couldn’t be more excited about the life of adventure and beauty I get to live here. I’m a leader, a visionary, and an artist. I’m a lifelong student of personal transformation ~ the art and science of how people and groups really can experience authentic life change.

I believe everyone is created to be a Divine change agent, uniquely designed by God for a specific and beautiful purpose, and that we will never be fully alive until we find that purpose and live it out.

It’s my mission to help people discover theirs, and unleash them to bring their gift fully to the world.

(If you’d like to take a deeper dive into my personal story, just click here.)

My Work in the World…

I work to accomplish my mission through a number of avenues and ongoing projects. There’s my coaching work, of course, which I love and which forms the backbone of all I do. In addition to that, I’ve created two powerful, life-changing retreats, one for men and one for women, that are designed to help Christ followers discover the deeper dream God has for their lives, and redesign their lives around that singular purpose. The women’s version is called The Destiny Project, and the men’s version, The BraveHeart Intensive. Click the links to find out more. Beyond these, I’m also a founding member and president of WayPoint Coaching Community, a 501c3 members-only organization devoted to “unleashing the impact of transformational workers within their sphere of influence to advance God’s Kingdom.” Click here to download a PDF that will tell you more about that. And finally, but definitely not least, I love to write. I’m passionate about the craft and the magic of the written word. To that end, I’ve written two novels (high fantasy epics!), and am currently working on a third. Click here to find out more about them.

About My Coaching…

I’m the founder and president of the Ascent Coaching Group, Inc, and have been coaching full time over 12 years now. I am fully trained and certified as a co-active coach through the Coaches Training Institute, as well as in Relationship Intelligence and Systems Work through The Center for Right Relationship. I’m also a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) with the International Coach Federation, which is the principle governing body of professional coaches around the world. Prior to founding my coaching business, I worked for over 15 years in Christian publishing, as both an editor and a writer, producing curriculum and other helps for pastors and other kinds of faith leaders around the world. With over 25 years of experience working in Christian ministry and with Christian leaders, I bring a unique understanding of the special challenges faced by those called to lead others toward the richer, deeper, truer life God created them to live. My personal passion is to inspire leaders and those who follow them toward a lifestyle of ongoing transformational intimacy with Christ, so that they might fulfill ~ both in their work and in life ~ all that God dreams for them.

Why I Coach…

“The bottom line? Coaching has an amazing transformational effect on people’s lives. There’s a real, tangible power to it. In part it’s the power of a forged alliance between two willing souls working together toward a worthy goal, but there’s a deeply spiritual aspect to it too that transcends and magnifies the impact of what each person brings. I love the synergy of it all, the creativity, the inspiration, and the work. My clients inspire me with their courage, and their willingness to move with passion and tenacity toward their calling and the life of their deepest dreams. There are few greater joys that I can imagine than watching my clients discover all they were created to be, and step into the bigger life they were meant to live with confidence and authenticity. My gift in that process comes in knowing that I was a part of that success.”

What People Are Saying…

“I have never had a coach before so this was a new experience for me. I really didn’t know if the cost and time would be worth it. After being coached by Mike my only regret is that I didn’t have a coach sooner. Not only has Mike helped me as a leader but he has also come to our station and created an alignment and unity of our leadership team for our core values. He has so many tools and experience that have helped us grow. I look forward to my coaching sessions Mike as together we can work confidentially through the challenges I face. I am better prepared now and my team has told me that I am a more effective leader. As a results we have a better place to work and we are getting more things done.”

~ Tim McDermott, President, KSBJ Radio

“The time I spent working with Michael helped me gain new insight on how to creatively solve the challenges I was facing. He helped me understand better how I see myself, how others see me, and how use my strengths to be more effective as a leader. Our time together forced me to push pause on my crazy pace and think strategically how to lead forward, rather than be reactive to challenges. So glad I had this opportunity. I’m a much better leader today because of the investment Michael made in me.”

~ Charles Dishinger, Executive Pastor, Gateway Church in Austin

“Michael knows how to extract the best from people. Through a blend of introspective and challenges questions and experiences, he helped me gain personal and ministry momentum. What I hoped to happen was exceeded by what has actually happened within me and in my ministry setting.”

~ Eric Bryant, South Campus Pastor, Gateway Church in Austin



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