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Jesus said, “Come, follow Me.” ~ Mark 1:17

It’s no wonder the road that leads to life is so narrow, you know. It’s just so terribly difficult to stay on it. Not only does it require faith, which is hard enough in itself to hold strong in your heart 24-7, but it also requires a host of other internal qualities that take years to develop properly ~ things like Love, and Hope, and Courage, and Wisdom, and Patience and the like. And that’s not to mention the few external practices that are also essential to it, like prayer and forgiveness, things at which we always feel a bit like novices no matter how long we’ve been practicing them.

So few of us Christians ever really commit ourselves to the study of real Christlikeness. We pick a quality of his here or there, like kindness or integrity, and we say yes I’d like to have more of that, so we work on it for a bit and make ourselves satisfied with that. But the rest of our lives may look nothing like Jesus at all.

It’s really no wonder, then, how when people say “I’m a Christian,” nobody really knows what they mean. Within the Faith, we add qualifiers to help us narrow it down, like he’s a cultural Christian, or she’s a nominal Christian, or they’re devoted Christians, but it’s all a bit vague and undefined.

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