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“Love does not give money, it gives itself. If it gives itself first and a lot of money too, that is all the better. But first it must sacrifice itself.” ~ Thomas Merton

A little over a week ago, I took a road trip to California. I was going to help lead a training retreat for advanced coaches. I was going by car because I absolutely love road trips. For me there’s nothing quite so satisfying as driving a long stretch of uncharted road under a grand and open sky with the beauty of the natural world floating past you. I call it the Epiphinator, ‘cause of all the insights and clarity that typically come to me when I get immersed in landscapes like that.

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“Since the day of my birth, my death began its walk. It is walking toward me, without hurrying.” Jean Cocteau

Our two closest companions throughout our lives, said John O’Donohue, are Death and the Unknown. Yet we spend enormous amounts of energy every day doing everything we can to convince ourselves that they aren’t really there.

We strive to control our circumstances and our surroundings in an attempt to minimize all perceived risk of danger. We plot out the trajectory of our lives as if we had absolute control over what will happen to us. We drive down a narrow winding road nearly oblivious to the fact that death accompanies us along either edge of the path. All it would take is a slight turn of the wheel in either direction and we would encounter him. A brush with Death, we might say, as if it were a highly unusual and rare occurrence. But death is present with us all the time, walking right there beside us from the moment we are born into the world until the moment we cross with him to the other side.

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