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Longing (noun) ~ a yearning desire, especially for something unattainable or distant.

God is perfect. And yet, He is full of longing.

It’s strange to think of longing as something a perfect Being would do. Most of our notions of God’s perfection imply a deep completeness. God is self-sustaining. God needs nothing. God lacks nothing.

I think all those things are true about God.

And yet He longs.

I’ve been wondering lately what to make of this.

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“The measure of a man is what he does with power.” ~ Greek Proverb

Whether you realize it or not, there is a question that guides you every day as a leader. This question determines in large part what you see and what you fail to see, what you respond to and what you ignore, and how you measure your effectiveness as a leader.

Although many guiding questions are possible, I have found these three to be the most common in my work with leaders. I believe each one reflects the primary developmental stage of the leader…i.e. the question that dominates your attention most of the time usually points to the developmental stage you are in as a leader.

Which of these three questions dominates your leadership?

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everyone is watching

“Heroes must see to their own fame. No one else will.” ~ Gore Vidal

It’s strange being a Christian leader in today’s rock star culture. It’s hard to know what to say about yourself, or whether to speak about yourself at all.

The Christian church, particularly in the West, is enamored with fame, and many of its leaders have mistaken being well-known for being Divinely-anointed, and personal charisma for the presence of God on their lives. Particularly in the Protestant stream of the Church, we have stumbled into a celebrity culture in Christian leadership, but with little or no clear criteria for what qualifies one to join the ranks of the elite, other than the capacity to grab the public eye.

For many faith leaders (including most of my coaching clients) this current love affair with fame in the Church has created a challenging conundrum around the quagmire of self-promotion. As Christ followers, we are called to avoid any self-aggrandizement, to let “another praise you, and not your own mouth” (Proverbs 27:2). We are taught the Way to Life is not through glorifying self but through glorifying God. So it’s clear on the one hand as leaders we should not be seduced into self-promotion, no matter how often or strongly the social media experts tell us we must.

There are no loopholes or workarounds for this. Not even the “humble brag.” That’s simply not the game we’ve been called to play.

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