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“The spiritual life cannot be made suburban. It is always frontier, and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed.” ~ Howard Macey

On the highway up to my mountain home, there’s one of those electronic traffic alert signs you often see in construction areas or along the arteries through larger cities. The sign alerts drivers to any dangers that may be present ahead, like when there’s an accident on the road, or it’s been snowing and the roads are icy, or on the rare occasion when rocks have fallen on the roadway from the mountains above.

But on most days when there’s no specific danger to report, the sign simply reads: “Watch for Wildlife.” Now of course I know they mean by this that we ought to watch for wild animals and to take care not to harm or disturb them as we go our way, which is a very good practice for us all to give more thought to, I think, as it seems so many now view the presence of other forms of life in the world as completely incidental to their lives.

But lately the phrase has struck me on a different level, as if it is admonishing me to be on watch for the wild, untamed life that lives in the free forests and the high countries of my own soul.


Do you know what I mean? That wild place in you. That free spirit. That raucous beautiful song. It would burst out of your chest in a roar and a dance like nothing the world has ever seen if you let it.

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A thought on courage, and a challenge, for your week ~

“Why is it so difficult to take the first, necessary, close-in, courageous step to claiming our happiness in life? Perhaps, because taking that step immediately leads to a kind of radical internal simplification, where, suddenly, large parts of us, parts of us that had been kept gainfully employed for years; parts of us we thought absolutely necessary to the story, are suddenly out of a job. There occurs in effect a massive form of internal corporate downsizing, where the naysayers in us that do not wish to participate are let go, with all of the accompanying death-like trauma, and where the last fight occurs, a rear guard disbelief that this new, less complicated self, is equal to the new possibilities ahead. –It is always hard to believe that the courageous step is so close to us, that it is closer in than we could imagine, that in fact, we already know what it is, and that that step is simpler, more radical than we had thought: which is why we so often prefer the story to be more complicated, our identities equally clouded by fear and the answer safely in the realm of impossibility.” ~ David Whyte

What is the simple, close in, courageous step that life is calling you to take this week?

Will you take it?

I’m really excited to welcome my friend and coaching colleague Deb Siverson to the blog this week. Deb is a seasoned executive coach, certified as a PCC through the International Coach Federation. She’s also the author of The Cycle of Transformation: Igniting Organizational Change through the Leader Coach. Welcome, Deb!

It’s easy to know intuitively if you trust someone or not, but what behaviors lead to that decision? If trust is so commonly described as a quality that must be earned what happens between the time of introduction and the mystical moment when a person proves their mettle?

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