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I just got back from spending a week in St. Paul doing some coach training with a terrific group of PhD candidates at Bethel Seminary. My co-leader Eric Bryant and I had an amazing time helping each of these world changers dig deep into their own unique God-given design ~ giftings, passions, skills, values, strengths, and more ~ with a view to uncovering how each could best leverage himself to advance the Kingdom. Amazing, right?! I love this work.

Through our many discussions over the course of the week, I was reminded again how indispensable it is for leaders to develop proficiency in both the HEAD and HEART skills of leadership. Being competent in just one of these is not enough.

What’s the difference between Head and Heart skills? In broad strokes, I mean…

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My friend Eric Bryant has a new project coming out today called A Fruitful Life: Becoming Who You Were Created To Be.

You may know of Eric from his work at Gateway Church in Austin or at Mosaic in Los Angeles or from his previous book Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World .

I asked Eric to tell us about his new project and what makes it unique. Here are some of his thoughts:

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“There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

What will the message of your life be?

Once you are gone and those who experienced you look back and say “Here’s how he impacted me” or “Here’s how her life changed mine” ~ what will they say?

What do you want them to say?

What is the legacy your life will leave in its wake?

What is the mark you want your life to make on the world? How will you know you are making it?

With the recent passing of Dr. Maya Angelou, I’ve been pondering questions like these lately. She did such an impressive job of knowing her unique purpose, and living it out in a singular and focused way, with all the courage and grace she could muster. Her life has impacted millions. I myself can honestly say I am different because of her life and writings.

So in her honor, I offer you 5 great thoughts on Purpose, and a beautiful video short story that asks us all to consider: If you wrote a final letter to those who come after you, what would it say? What do you want the message of your life to be?

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