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I took this photo one late afternoon over Austin several months back. Stunning. I would have actually missed this moment entirely if I hadn’t felt a inner nudge to cut out of work early that day and go for a drive. I call them “prayer drives,” actually. I love prayer drives. Some of my most significant conversations with God have happened on the open road ~ just Jesus, and me, headed to God to knows where. So on this particular day toward late afternoon I heard a light whisper in my ear. “Let’s go for a drive!” So I dropped my work for the day (quite unfinished) and took off. This amazing cloud was just one of the wonders I experienced that evening. I love it when God plans a date for me and then surprises me with it like that. Of course, it all depends on whether I heed that initial whisper.

Remember when I wrote about leadership capacity several months back? (If not, you can check out that entry by clicking here.) I used a car analogy to explain how leadership capacity is like figuring out how much cargo (weight) your car can carry before it breaks down from the strain. I want to revisit that analogy to talk about another element of spiritual leadership that leaders need to be intentional about: Pace. If capacity speaks to how much weight your car can effectively carry, then pace simply refers to how fast you typically drive. For example:

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I’m excited to have fellow coach Sarah Sherwood guest posting on the blog this week. Sarah a Certified Life Coach through the Institute for Life Coach Training, with specialized certifications in Wellness Coaching and Body-Mind Life Coaching™, and is certified to use the Wellness Inventory.  She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and is in training toward the designation of Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner; a body-centered psychotherapy. Sarah works with her wide range of voice and expertise much like a conductor. Passionate and insightful, she is able to draw on the various skills and gifts within her tool kit with wisdom and precision, helping her clients increase joy, creativity, and vitality in their work, relationships, and activities by supporting the cultivation of a larger container to hold their experience of life.  You can learn more about her life and work at

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