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Thresholds, Part 2

June 25, 2012 — Leave A Comment

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.” ~ Tuli Kupferberg

In coaching, there is a particular kind of process called Edgework. Often symbolized as a simplified mountain peak (see triangle in the diagram), an edge is any threshold between where and who you are now and where and who you want to be. It is the boundary between the known and the unknown, the now and the not yet.

While some thresholds come to us as serendipities or forced changes that happen to us and carry us unbidden into uncharted realms of challenge and forced adaptation, others wait for us to come to them. They do not force themselves on us, but linger just ahead or on the periphery of our awareness, quietly calling us forth to engage life differently in some profound way. Some spring from the soul ~ such as the call to step into the difficult self work of healing deep wounds from the past that hold you back from the vulnerability of authentic intimacy with those you love. Some are spiritual ~ such as the Divine beckoning we all experience at some point to recraft our lives to serve a Power and a Purpose greater than ourselves. But all such thresholds spring from desire. That is, they come to us as something we want, either for ourselves or for the world.

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Thresholds, Part 1

June 18, 2012 — Leave A Comment

I love the Celtic notion of thresholds, which O’Donohue writes about so beautifully in his books. Thresholds are those liminal boundaries in life where the veil between the material world and the world of spirit and soul is exquisitely thin. Celtic Christians named them just that ~ thin places ~ where heaven and earth touch in a mysterious and transformative way.

Think of the shoreline on an expansive stretch of beach ~ where earth and water and sky come together along a thin line of playfulness and dance. None overwhelms the other, but each coaxes and cajoles the cusp of the boundary so that by stepping into the rhythmic tides you feel as if you are standing in three vastly different worlds at once. I believe this is part of the magical attraction we feel for the ocean shore. Being there reconnects us to something numinous about the world, and about ourselves.

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I’m excited to welcome back Jenn Peppers to the blog today. Jenn is a terrific leadership & business coach, and is the co-author (along with Tara Miller) of the insightful yet practical book Finding the Flow: A Guide for Leading Small Groups and Gatherings. You can find out more about Jenn’s life and work by visiting her site at

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post outlining the impact of performance on our spiritual growth and how it hinders authenticity and transformation. I described how performing to feel a sense of significance or favor with God is a trap that often looks good, but leads us away from God and the freedom he offers. How do you know if you are in this trap? To discern if your spiritual journey is being compromised by what you’re trying to accomplish, ask yourself these questions:

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