Archives For May 2011

“This changes everything.” When I heard Steve say this, my heart lit up.

Along with a small cohort of other men, Steve was one of the participants in the recent BraveHeart Intensive Weekend held in Hunt, Texas. His words came in response to a question I asked the men about how weekend impacted them. As awesome as his words were, the look of excitement on his face said even more.

And he wasn’t the only one. Here’s what some of the other men had to say about the experience:

“Not knowing what to expect or any of the men attending, I was amazed that my heart and desires were reawakened from the numbness my life had fallen into because of my new brothers! I am going back into my world ready for bold action again!” — Scoti W.

“Initiation into manhood is something few of us get in modern culture. The BraveHeart Intensive jumpstarts that process.” — Ray H.

“The BraveHeart Intensive is a catalytic experience that beckons every man to not only dare to dream but also to live out a life of extraordinary courage as a beacon of hope for generations of men.” — Dave H.

“BraveHeart is the best experience I’ve had to discover and define my identity and on top of that BraveHeart provides amazing tools to handle the lies when they creep back in.”— Brian Z.

“A great place to wake from your spiritual slumber and move you to recapture your godly, masculine heart.” — Ted K.

“After 15+ years of full time ministry, no other experience, retreat, class or conference has given such clarity to my calling and the challenges of my soul. A must for men to become initiated into manhood and who God has called them to be.” — Brian R.

More BraveHeart Intensives are on the schedule for the months ahead, both in Texas and in Colorado. Each is limited to only 15 men, so if you or someone you know would be interested in joining us for a future weekend, don’t hesitate to contact me for more info and/or sign up.