Archives For October 2010

I took this shot in late September at a meeting with the Waypoint Coaching Community in our summit house in Breckenridge, Colorado. The theme of this year’s summit was “Courageous Authenticity”…our most powerful and transformative event yet. Having journeyed together now as a community for over five years, being held all that time in the crucible of hiddeness by the Spirit we follow, we find ourselves finally on the precipice. Something new is about to happen…a kind of breaking out, a moving out into the world at last, which is the very desire we have all shared since the beginning. And so, to prepare for this unveiling, we felt it important to explore together–and truly, experience–who we really are, unguarded, with no pretense or facade, and what it really is that we are here to offer the world.

What if you really dropped ALL the pretense in your life–what would be left? Who would you be then?

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